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In-motion wheel loss detection

Following years of development and field testing on UK roads, Wheely-Safe produced the world’s first in-motion driver alert system to detect the onset of wheel loss before detachment.

When a wheel detaches from a moving vehicle – whether the result of poor fitting, damage or worn components – it can trigger a potentially catastrophic series of events which can see a loose wheel accelerate to speeds of more than 90mph and reach heights of around 50m, before colliding with other road users or infrastructure at a force of around 10 tonnes.

With Wheely-Safe fitted, a driver receives an alert the instant a loosening wheel nut is detected – no matter what speed they are travelling, or in what weather conditions – allowing them to pull over safely. In contrast, existing solutions such as brightly coloured wheel nut indicators are reliant upon driver inspections when a vehicle is parked and cannot detect a loosening wheel nut when the vehicle is in-motion.

Our patented sensor technology acts as a final control measure for commercial vehicle fleets, bringing a new level of wheel security to their operations.

Product brake hub temperature monitoring
Product brake hub temperature monitoring

Brake & hub temperature monitoring

Brake and hub overheating is a major cause of commercial vehicle fires, leading to costly vehicle damage and insurance claims, along with the reputational damage of closed roads and a business making the headlines for all the wrong reasons.

Sticking brakes are often to blame, with the resulting high brake temperatures at risk of triggering a blaze.

Similarly, ineffective brakes can be hard for a driver to spot until it’s too late. Yet with Wheely-Safe fitted, a driver can quickly check the maximum and minimum temperatures recorded by each sensor in the previous 24 hours when doing their walkaround checks. A sensor which reports little or no temperature rise at all can indicate a braking system which isn’t working as intended, meaning a vehicle might be unable to stop when maximum braking performance is required.

By monitoring the maximum and minimum temperatures of each sensor daily, unusual braking temperature patterns can be spotted early, and rectified.

How do our brake & hub temperature sensors work?

When designing our wheel loss sensors, we quickly realised that their position next to the brakes and hub made them perfectly placed for monitoring temperatures, so we added temperature sensing capabilities as standard.

Whenever the vehicle is in motion, the sensors monitor for temperature abnormalities from the brakes or hub, with alerts transmitted to the driver should the temperature exceed 100°C – a level which can indicate maintenance issues such as sticking brakes or hub failure.

Similarly, technicians and/or drivers can check the highest and lowest temperatures recorded in the last 24 hours, when holding the Pressure and Brake Temperature Checker against any brake temperature sensor.

Alternatively, the separate WalkAround Checker, popular with drivers, allows drivers to be alerted to abnormally high temperatures recorded in the last 24 hours.

And when connected to a telematics system, these alerts can also be transmitted to the transport office or workshop team.

Product tyre pressure monitoring
Product tyre pressure monitoring

Tyre pressure monitoring system (TPMS)

Wheely-Safe incorporates an intelligent tyre pressure monitoring system (TPMS) which is suitable for all vehicle types and comes with external TPMS sensors as standard, or the option of internal TPMS sensors, which are sometimes preferred for original equipment installations.

With Wheely-Safe monitoring your tyre pressures, keeping your tyres inflated to optimum pressures has never been simpler. You’ll receive a proactive maintenance alert when a tyre needs topping up – helping you to maximise fuel efficiency, optimise tyre life and increase road safety. Nearly one third of roadside breakdowns are due to tyre incidents, and research shows that 90% of those are pressure-related.

For fleet fitting our most popular external sensors, we offer a choice of two types. Our light vehicle TPMS sensors, typically for cars, SUVs, vans and minibuses, can monitor tyre pressures up to 87 psi. Larger vehicles can take advantage of our heavy vehicle TPMS sensors, which are suitable for inflation pressures of up to 188 psi – making them perfect for any bus, coach, truck or trailer.

Introducing our accessories

Wheely-Safe is a completely modular system which can be tailored to suit your fleet and the way you maintain your vehicles. Select from a range of accessories to complement the system, including:

A choice of in-cab displays
Smart sensor ‘auto-pairing’
Supplying original equipment manufacturers (OEMs)
Telematics-ready: never miss an alert
Supporting Brake, the road safety charity
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Wheely-Safe can boost your fleet efficiency and safety overnight. Request a demo from our team today.


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