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Unrivalled wheel and tyre safety

Wheely-Safe is a multi-award-winning suite of products for fleets, telematics providers and vehicle manufacturers.

It combines the world’s first in-motion wheel loss detection system with advanced brake/hub temperature monitoring and an intelligent TPMS.

When fitted to any wheeled vehicle, our patented sensor technologies will help to deliver:

Reduced fleet downtime

Significant fuel savings

Extended tyre life

With fewer wheel interventions

Increased safety & duty of care

Already proven on thousands of vehicles, including many major national fleets, Wheely-Safe provides an early warning system to notify you and your drivers immediately to:

Loosening wheel nuts

Brake & hub overheating

Tyre underinflation

Rapid pressure loss

High tyre temperatures

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913958 0481

In-motion wheel loss detection

Wheely-Safe was founded to help fleets address the frightening issue of wheel loss from commercial vehicles.

Our sensor technology ensures a driver receives an alert as soon as a loosening wheel nut is detected, allowing them to bring the vehicle safely to a halt. Not only does this improve road safety, it also reduces vehicle off road time by reducing the need for unscheduled repairs.  

We offer a range of wheel loss sensors to fit almost every size wheel found on a bus, coach, truck or trailer (PSV / HGV), from 17.5” to 22.5”, steel or alloy wheels, including those with six, eight and ten stud fixings.

Unrivalled fleet protection

Our detection system is unlike anything else on the market and is revolutionising how the commercial vehicle industry protects itself against the dangers of wheel loss, whether due to human or mechanical error.

And unlike brightly coloured indicator tags already on the market, which can only highlight potential wheel loss situations on stationary vehicles, Wheely-Safe provides proactive alerts to loosening wheel nuts as the vehicle is in motion.

Product brake hub temperature monitoring
Product brake hub temperature monitoring

Brake & hub temperature monitoring

When designing our wheel loss sensors, their position next to the brakes and hub made them perfectly placed for monitoring temperatures too, so we added this functionality as standard.

It means any Wheely-Safe customer specifying our wheel loss system will also receive warnings for brake and hub overheating – protecting their fleets from one of the most common causes of commercial vehicle fires. Plus, the system can be used to detect brakes which aren’t functioning on individual wheels, by monitoring temperature fluctuations during a journey.

Tyre pressure monitoring system (TPMS)

All tyres will naturally leak air over time and punctures are unavoidable. With Wheely-Safe monitoring your tyre pressures, keeping your tyres inflated to the correct level has never been simpler. Our checker tools will help identify low pressures during the driver Road Worthiness checks and the driver will receive a vehicle in motion alert when a low tyre pressure is detected. Keeping tyres inflated to the recommended pressures will help you to maximise fuel efficiency, lower CO2 emissions, optimise tyre life and increase road safety.

Nearly one third of roadside breakdowns are due to tyre incidents, and research shows that 90% of those are pressure related. Becoming part of that statistic is easily avoidable using our smart technology to keep your pressures in check.

From entry level contactless tyre pressure measurement to an intelligent Tyre Pressure Monitoring System, we have a solution to meet your needs and budget.

Reduce fuel, tyre and running costs

Put simply, with our advanced TPMS installed across your fleet, you can’t help but operate your fleet more efficiently – extending tyre life and enhancing fuel efficiency. That’s great for your bottom line, but it also helps to all but eliminate tyre-related downtime, and the associated costs and business disruption such instances bring. Plus it’s great for your fleet sustainability goals too.


Introducing our accessories

Select from a range of accessories to complement your Wheely-Safe system, including:

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