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The Mortar and Screed Company fits Wheely-Safe

Anthony Padfield, General Manager at The Mortar and Screed Company, explains why he's fitted our latest generation of intelligent tyre pressure monitoring systems (TPMS), wheel loss and wheel rim temperature sensors.

trentbarton fits Wheely-Safe

Jeff Counsell, Managing Director of East Midlands public transport operator trentbarton, explains why his company has installed Wheely-Safe technology across its entire bus fleet after in-depth trials proved the unrivalled safety benefits of the system.

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“We had been looking for a suitable coach TPMS but a lot of the ones we found included a monthly subscription. The fact that we could pay a one-off price for the Wheely-Safe kit and then it was ours, appealed to us, especially after the challenges of the last few years, with Covid and the impact that had on the business.

“We have already had one slow puncture that was flagged up to the driver, and which we were able to act on quickly, to save ourselves from a more serious problem.”

Mike Wear, Owner, A-Star Transport


“The introduction of the Wheely-Safe technology across the entirety of our fleet is an important element of our programme to further improve the safety of our operation.

“We transport thousands of customers across Northern Ireland every day and safety is our top priority. This system will alert our drivers to a drop in tyre pressure, brake or hub overheating or a wheel nut loosening. We had heard good things about the product previously and the trial just backed that up.”

David Barnett, General Manager – Engineering, Translink


“The Wheely-Safe system works perfectly, we haven’t had it in place long but we have already had one alert.

“The driver was warned via the in-cab receiver, allowing him to safely stop the vehicle and get the wheel nuts checked – saving us from a potentially serious issue. When you add in the truck TPMS part of the technology, it really is a no-brainer. I can’t understand why every fleet wouldn’t have this system fitted.”

Matt Elborough, Head of Logistics, Waterline

Kier highways

“The handheld checker makes the drivers’ life a lot easier when it comes to their daily inspections, it’s so easy to use. We have even given one of the devices to our local Volvo Trucks dealer, so they don’t have to use their own gauges and fiddle around with the valve caps when doing the PMIs (preventative maintenance inspections) In this day and age, it is exactly what you need.”

“Because the system is interchangeable it doesn’t matter which tractor unit is pulling which trailer as the sensors automatically link to the receiver in the cab. It really is a great bit of kit.”

Dave Parsons, Senior Transport and Compliance Manager, Kier Highways Solutions

Soil water

“As a FORS Gold member we take safety incredibly seriously and this system fitted seamlessly onto our Scania XT tippers. The trucks are regularly working on aggressive off-road surfaces, so the tyres and wheels are susceptible to damage.

“This technology eliminates the risk as we know that at the very first sign of a problem, an alert will be sent to the driver, who can pull over and investigate fully. Plus, we have the reassurance that the truck TPMS sensors are constantly monitoring tyre pressures.”

“It was really simple to fit, is proving easy to operate and the driver feedback has been very positive.”

Mark Weller, Haulage Director, Soil & Water Solutions

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