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Wheel loss and brake/hub temperatures are monitored via a robust sensor straddling two wheel nuts and held in place with a bracket manufactured from a mild steel with a zinc nickel coating, for maximum durability and minimum weight.

A pair of brackets and sensors is recommended for each axle end, with brackets available to fit more than 95% of all commercial and industrial wheel sizes.

The sensors provide an in-motion alert in the event a loosening wheel nut is detected, enabling the driver to stop safely. Alerts can be detected in all weathers and at any speed.

The same sensor also monitors heat and can quickly identify a temperature abnormality from the brakes or hub. Alerts are transmitted when the temperature exceeds 100°C – a level which can indicate maintenance issues such as sticking brakes or hub failure.

We offer a wide choice of TPMS sensors to suit all vehicle types and applications.

Choose from external sensors which replace the valve cap and can be secured in place with anti-theft locking nuts, or our smart internal TPMS sensors which can adhere to the rim of any size wheel.

Internal sensors are manufactured from a flexible engineering-grade material and are protected from the elements, bringing distinct advantages over valve stem, metal band and tyre mounted sensor applications.

All sensors are fully-sealed for maximum durability and offer a battery life of 3-5 years (external) or 5-10 years (internal), depending on usage and application. An accelerometer wakes the sensor for every journey, allowing a low-power ‘overnight’ or ‘weekend’ mode to commence when the vehicle is stationary, given that most underinflation limits occur with slow leakage over time.

Sensors auto-pair and auto-calibrate, enabling quick replacement if ever required – and allowing seamless integration for vehicle and trailer combinations. Manual pairing can be specified for machines which operate in close proximity for extended periods, such as forklift trucks in a warehouse or skid-steers on a building site.

Our sensor technology provides alerts for low pressures, high pressures, fast leakage, and increases in air temperature inside the tyre – often the first sign of an impending tyre blowout. Alerts include:

  • ‘Maintenance’ low pressure warnings (-15% to -25%)
  • Critical low pressure warnings (-25%+)
  • Fast leakage
  • Early high temperature warnings (85°C to 100°C)
  • Critical high temperature warnings (100°C+)
  • ‘Maintenance’ sensor low battery

We offer a full range of receivers to suit all vehicle types, applications and customer requirements.

Select from standalone displays offering clear visual and audible driver alerts, with a choice of solar-powered or wired options.

Or pick from our extensive line-up of connected receivers, which can be configured to ensure both the driver and fleet management team receive alerts in the event of an emergency. These systems also allow alerts for ‘maintenance’ events, such as when a tyre has dropped below the optimum fuel efficient inflation pressure, to be sent purely to the transport or workshop team, enabling  rectification work to be organised when the vehicle returns to base and without interrupting the driver’s schedule.

Signal boosters

For longer vehicles we offer both wired and five-year battery-powered dipole antenna boosters, for excellent receipt and amplification of the signals from sensors on the rearmost axles to ensure the receiver in the cab picks up all transmissions.

Pressure and Brake Temperature Checker

These handy tools are the perfect way to speed up fleet inspections for workshop staff, providing access to instant tyre pressure readings in either Bar or PSI when held next to any Wheely-Safe TPMS sensor.

They provide accurate readings without the hassle of connecting a pressure gauge to the valve, which removes air and is unhygienic – speeding up the time taken to conduct fleet checks and safety inspections.

Additional functions include reporting the highest and lowest brake/hub temperatures recorded in the last 24 hours, when held against any brake temperature sensor.

WalkAround Checker

Our keyring-mounted WalkAround Checkers are designed to support a driver’s daily inspections. They take pressure readings from any Wheely-Safe sensor, providing an immediate green, amber or red alert to advise the driver whether the tyre is correctly inflated, in need of a top-up at the next workshop visit, or unsafe to operate in the current condition. They also record the walkaround activity to ensure this vital activity occurs regularly.

Plus they monitor brake temperature sensors, alerting the driver if abnormally high temperatures have been recorded in the last 24 hours.

The right fit for your fleet

Our multi-award-winning technology can be supplied directly to vehicle manufacturers, contract hire & fleet management companies, end-user fleets, vehicle or tyre dealers and telematics companies.

Many of our systems can be installed in minutes, following simple instructions supplied with all kits.

Alternatively, for connected or wired systems, installation is normally arranged through a nominated fleet maintenance provider or tyre dealership.

Make an enquiry

For further information, pricing and advice specifying the perfect system for your fleet, please contact:

+44 (0)1543 415823

Supporting Brake the road safety charity

We have reinforced our commitment to road safety through an initiative with industry charity, Brake – pledging to make a cash donation for every van, bus, coach or truck which displays a ‘Wheely-Safe fitted’ vinyl graphic.

The agreement sees us gift £5 for every light commercial and £10 for every HGV or PSV carrying the sticker, which we can supply with all new systems.

Steve Jackson, Managing Director, says: “A customer asked us about supplying a vinyl for their vehicles after we’d finished an installation. We loved the idea, but we decided to link it with a commitment to a charitable donation.”

Joshua Harris, Director of Campaigns at Brake, says: “This is a fantastic initiative from Wheely-Safe, promoting the importance of tyre safety while helping Brake support crash victims and campaign for safer roads. Properly maintained vehicles are absolutely vital for safe roads so we’re delighted to be working with Wheely-Safe who are pioneers in tyre safety.”

Fitting and Operating Instructions

Fitting Instructions: Solar Receiver
Fitting Instructions: Wired Receiver
Fitting Instructions: External TPMS Sensors
Fitting Instructions: Valve Extension and Bracket

Fitting Instructions: Internal TPMS Sensors
Fitting Instructions: Wheel Loss Sensors and Brackets
Fitting Instructions: In-cab Receivers
Fitting Instructions: Under Vehicle Receiver
Fitting Instructions: Under Vehicle Dipole Receiver
Fitting Instructions: Under Vehicle Wired Booster
Fitting Instructions: Battery Booster
Operating Instructions: Pressure and Brake Temperature Checker
Operating Instructions: WalkAround Checker
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