Published Wednesday, 19th October 2022

Green Recycling has completed a full renewal of Wheely-Safe sensors across its fleet, four-and-a-half years after it was first installed. During this time the system has bolstered fleet safety and helped to reduce operating costs – on several occasions highlighting abnormal wheel hub temperatures which could be addressed before they resulted in unscheduled downtime and increased costs.

The Essex-based business is one of the first companies in the UK to run the sensors through the full course of their projected battery life – which can range from between three to five years dependent on use – having initially installed the kit across a mixture of 15 dustcart, skiploader and hooklift trucks.

Throughout this time Wheely-Safe’s intelligent tyre pressure monitoring system (TPMS) has kept a constant check on the fleet’s tyre pressures, remained alert to the sign of loosening wheel nuts and watched for abnormal temperatures around the brakes and hub – often the first sign of failing bearings, or sticking or ineffective brakes.

Alan Lowden, Transport Manager at Green Recycling, says: “We were one of the early adopters of Wheely-Safe, when the system was still in its final stages of development back in early 2018. We really liked the sound of it and the benefits it could bring to complement our strong reputation as a safe, forward-thinking operator.

“From day one the technology has worked brilliantly for us, flagging up potential issues on several occasions, which could have been costly and potentially dangerous if left unchecked.

“The in-motion wheel loss detection technology has also added extra security to our already robust wheel safety culture. Overall, it wasn’t a hard decision to upgrade the whole fleet with a brand-new system once the batteries began to near the end of their projected life. The savings and benefits far outweigh the investment.”

Green Recycling fitted the replacement wheel loss sensors in-house, and also upgraded to Wheely-Safe’s latest generation in-cab receivers, which now feature diagnostic software which lets the drivers quickly check that all sensors are working and paired correctly.

From its headquarters in Maldon, Green Recycling offers tailormade waste management solutions to a large customer base across Essex.

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