Published Thursday, 28th July 2022

Global supply chain specialist Bullet Express is undergoing a major fleet upgrade, adding 32 new trucks to its operation each equipped with Wheely-Safe’s intelligent tyre pressure monitoring system (TPMS).

The new vehicles – a mix of DAF XF and CF tractor units and Mercedes-Benz Actros rigids – are being put into service via a three-year full repair and maintenance contract hire agreement through Asset Alliance Group.

Bullet Express specified the Wheely-Safe technology in order to improve safety, reduce downtime and help cut fuel costs at a time when diesel prices are soaring.

Andrea Gardner, Group Transport Manager at Bullet Express, says: “We run a very busy fleet, working on a variety of supply chain logistics solutions, including express pallet work, contracts with aviation partners and container transportation out of the docks at Grangemouth and Greenock. It’s essentially a 24/7 operation.

“In order to ensure best practice across our fleet, it’s important for all our trucks to be running on tyres at optimal pressures. So, as we start to upgrade our fleet, we knew now was the time to install the Wheely-Safe TPMS technology on all new vehicles.”

Bullet Express has specified Wheely-Safe’s external TPMS sensors, which replace the valve cap and auto-pair with an in-cab solar receiver. The company’s drivers will also be equipped with handy Pressure and Brake Temperature Checkers to get accurate readings without the hassle of connecting a pressure gauge to the valve.

“Safety is the absolute priority for us, and this system will ensure we always have tyres running at the right pressures helping to prevent potentially dangerous blowouts,” adds Gardner. “Increased fuel efficiency is another added bonus as well – running on the right pressures means you are going to get the best performance from the tyre and the best fuel figures from the truck.”

All fitting is being carried out by Asset Alliance, with Wheely-Safe providing training for the Bullet Express drivers on how best to use the system. The business is also considering adding Wheely-Safe’s world-leading wheel security technology to its fleet as the new trucks continue to arrive.

“We’ve opted to start with the TPMS, see what feedback we get from the drivers and then look at adding the wheel loss element,” confirms Gardner. “Thankfully, we have never had any issues with wheel loss, but we want to make sure our trucks are as safe as possible, so it is definitely a product we are very interested in.”

Founded in 1990, Bullet Express provides comprehensive supply chain logistics and storage solutions to customers throughout the UK, Europe and Worldwide.


Notes to editor:

Wheely-Safe Ltd is a technology start-up founded in 2010 by two lifelong friends – Gary Thomas, a Director of his own transport compliance consultancy, and Gary Broadfield, a Director of Technology and serial inventor for a large Japanese electronics manufacturer. Together they brought the marriage of skills required to help solve wheel loss issues in the automotive sector, and to tackle the huge number of vehicles driving every day on under-inflated tyres. The early years of Wheely-Safe concentrated on attaining worldwide patent protection and technology small enough to fit near the wheels of all vehicle types, from cars and vans to trucks and trailers – with its first products launched into the market during 2018. www.wheely-safe.com

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