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Despite all the advances in modern vehicle technology, wheel loss has remained a global road safety issue; albeit one we have set out to solve once and for all.

When a wheel detaches from a moving vehicle – whether the result of poor fitting, damage or worn components – it can trigger a potentially catastrophic series of events. A loose wheel can accelerate to speeds of up to 150 km/h and reach heights of around 50m, before colliding with other road users or infrastructure at a force of around 10 tonnes.

We knew immediately that finding a solution would require an entirely fresh approach. That’s why in 2010, as two lifelong school friends, we decided to combine our respective expertise in electronics design and transport compliance to form Wheely-Safe, now part of the GX2 Technology Group.

For the first few years we concentrated on finding the solution, testing prototypes and obtaining global patent protection. We also identified opportunities for our intelligent sensor technology to protect fleets from other hazards including tyre underinflation, plus brake and hub overheating – common sources of downtime, accidents, increased running costs and vehicle fires.

Our first generation wheel and tyre safety systems have been adopted with confidence by some of the biggest fleets on the road, winning multiple industry awards in the process.

Now we are expanding with a brand new generation of Wheely-Safe systems for owner-drivers, fleets, telematics providers and vehicle manufacturers. Plus we are introducing a new range of accessories offering greater peace of mind than ever before.

Gary Broadfield
Group Managing Director

Gary Thomas
Group Director


From the outset, our vision has been to revolutionise wheel and tyre safety through the development of intelligent, low cost, and extremely effective systems which alert to the problems of wheel loss, brake/hub overheating and tyre underinflation once and for all.

These have proven major safety issues for vehicle fleets globally, and no single technology adopted by any original equipment manufacturer or aftermarket supplier has tackled the issue effectively until now.

We are confident we have developed a package of solutions which will help fleets of all shapes and sizes to deliver tangible improvements in safety, efficiency and duty of care.

Gary Broadfield Group Managing Director
Gary Thomas Group Director
Steve Jackson Managing Director
Andy Congrave Sales Director
Debra Thomas General Manager
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