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By: Wheely-Safe / 6th March 2020 /


Commercial vehicle operators can now experience the benefits of our award-winning Wheely-Safe TPMS – designed to combat the 87% of commercial vehicle breakdowns which are tyre-related.

Available for just £149.95+VAT, the Starter Pack is the perfect introduction to the Wheely-Safe Heavy system and comprises 10 TPMS sensors which replace the tyre valve cap and auto-pair with the solar-powered in-cab receiver and booster, for a complete wire-free set-up.

The TPMS sensors alert the driver to a 15% drop in pressure, or an increase in pressure (usually due to heat) of 30%. There is an enhanced alert at 24% drop in pressure, or in the event fast leakage is detected (at least 2 psi per minute).

The same sensors also monitor the temperature of the air inside each tyre, and warn the driver should this exceed 100ºC – often the sign of an impending blowout.

Each Starter Pack also includes a handheld sensor reader to complete the system, allowing the driver or vehicle technician to obtain accurate tyre pressure readings in a matter of seconds – without the hassle of connecting a pressure gauge to the valve, which removes air and is unhygienic. It’s a perfect tool for completing walkaround vehicle checks.

The TPMS is fully telematics compatible and includes the option of a hard-wired in-cab receiver, sold separately.

The system can be upgraded at any time to incorporate a patented wheel security system, providing fleets with in-motion alerts to detect the onset of wheel loss before detachment. This add-on also includes temperature monitoring of the braking mechanism, thanks to an onboard heat sensor which sends alerts if a brake or hub issue is detected – which can indicate maintenance issues such as sticking brakes or hub failure.

To order your Starter Pack, or for more information, please call us on +44 (0)1543 415823.


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