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By: Wheely-Safe / 1st February 2022 /

Des Evans OBE: Intelligent TPMS technology can save fleets thousands of pounds every year

“Tyre pressure management is the easiest way to improve transport profitability”.

They’re not our words, they’re the words of former MAN Truck and Bus UK CEO Des Evans OBE.

With more than 40 years of experience, Des knows a thing or two about running a successful transport operation and received an OBE in 2016 for his services to the motor industry.

He understands the importance of correct tyre management and would always recommend fleets utilise the correct systems – such as our intelligent TPMS – to unlock huge savings.

“From my own experience, as little as 10-15% under inflation in your tyres will lead to an increase of 0.5 mpg in fuel, which equates roughly to 6% of your annual fuel bill.

“To put that in real terms, say your average 44-tonne 6×2 tractor unit covers 150,000 km per year, clocking around 9 mpg with the latest Euro 6 standard engine. That would mean your annual diesel consumption works out to around 10,400 gallons or roughly 47,280 litres. If the average fleet cost per litre of diesel (net of VAT) equals £1.10, your annual fuel cost per truck is roughly £52,000.

“If you are increasing this by 5-6%, due to a 10-15% reduction of optimum tyre pressure efficiency, this represents an additional cost of between £2,500-3,000 on each truck, every year – around 50% of an average annual truck’s profitability.

“To coin a sporting phrase, these are the ‘marginal gains’ you can improve to have a major impact on your business. That is exactly what systems like Wheely-Safe can offer to fleets. Used and managed correctly it can save you thousands of pounds each year.”

Learn more about our intelligent TPMS technology here.

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