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By: Wheely-Safe / 18th February 2019 /


Aggregate Industries has praised the Michelin Tyre Pressure Management System (TPMS) Light Fleet for boosting safety and reinforcing its duty of care to drivers, with plans to fit the system across all new vans joining its 450-strong light commercial fleet.

The decision follows the installation of Michelin TPMS Light Fleet to an initial 100 vans as part of a trial, with drivers praising the technology for being easy to use and offering great peace of mind.

Craig Flowers, National Plant and Transport Manager at Aggregate Industries, says: “Michelin TPMS Light Fleet has exceeded our expectations as a fail-safe solution for monitoring tyre condition. It takes minutes to fit and requires no programming, giving our drivers the reassurance it will alert them to tyre issues before they turn serious.

“Based on our experience with these first 100 units, we will be fitting it to every new van we order. We want all of our vehicles covered by this proven safety technology.”

Michelin TPMS Light Fleet has been developed by Wheely-Safe, an official Michelin licensee. It comprises a set of robust TPMS sensors which replace the valve caps and auto-pair with a small solar-powered windscreen display unit to provide visual low-pressure warnings as soon as a tyre becomes under-inflated by 15 per cent. An audible alert is added at 25 per cent under-inflation, or 35 per cent over-inflation.

These warnings enable fleets to keep on top of their tyre pressures – avoiding the pitfalls of incorrectly inflated tyres which can include increased fuel bills, increased CO2 emissions, increased stopping distances, increased tyre wear and a higher risk of aquaplaning in wet weather.

Wheely-Safe has also designed the system to warn the driver in the event of fast leakage being detected – increasing the likelihood they can pull over safely and before the vehicle’s handling is severely compromised.

Plus, Wheely-Safe has incorporated heat sensors into the system, which notify the driver should the internal tyre temperatures exceed 90 degrees Celsius. This level can indicate possible brake or hub issues within the axle, or the tyre getting too hot – often the sign of an impending blowout.

A contactless tyre pressure checker can also be used by drivers to perform regular tyre pressure inspections in under a minute. The digital readout confirms the precise pressure in psi or bar – without the hassle of connecting a gauge to the valve, which removes air and is unhygienic.

Aggregate Industries operates across more than 330 sites throughout the UK, specialising in the production and supply of an array of construction materials, including aggregates, asphalt and ready-mixed concrete.


Notes to editor:

Wheely-Safe Ltd is a technology start-up founded in 2010 by two lifelong friends – Gary Thomas, a Director of his own transport compliance consultancy, and Gary Broadfield, a Director of Technology and serial inventor for a large Japanese electronics manufacturer. Together they brought the marriage of skills required to help solve wheel loss issues in the automotive sector, and to tackle the huge number of vehicles driving every day on under-inflated tyres. The early years of Wheely-Safe concentrated on attaining worldwide patent protection and technology small enough to fit near the wheels of all vehicle types, from cars and vans to trucks and trailers – with its first products launched into the market during 2018.

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